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candid conversation. president obama and mitt romney battle over taxes in separate interviews for "60 minutes." >> he seems to have only one note, tax cuts for the wealthy, and rolling back regulations as a recipe for success. >> i'll not raise taxes on middle income folks. i'll not lower the share of taxes paid by high income individuals. imposter in the air. a man claiming to be an airline pilot is accused of flying in the cockpit of a passenger jet. heavy heart. nfl player shines on the field just hours after losing a family member. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 24, 2012. good morning, everybody, good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. mitt romney is in colorado today
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and begins a bus tour in ohio tomorrow. he's cutting down on fundraising and spending more time with voters. he admits he's slipping behind the president in several key swing states. today in ohio the obama campaign unleashes a campaign ad targeting romney's comments about americans who don't pay taxes. last night president obama and mitt romney made their case. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is the last full week before election season shifts to a new phase, that's the presidential debates and at last night's duelling interviews it will be another week of attacks. president obama and romney appeared on "60 minutes." romney defended himself that he hasn't laid out details about his plan to fix the economy. >> you're asking people to hire you as president of the united states. they want to hear some specifics. >> i can tell them specifically i won't raise taxes on middle class folks.
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i will not lower the share of taxes paid by high income individuals. >> president obama told steve croft romney's plan won't work. >> he has one note. tax cuts for the wealthy. rolling back regulations as a recipe for success. >> reporter: after romney released summaries of past income tax returns on friday, romney paid 14% last year because most of his income came from capital gains. he was asked if it was fair to pay the low rate. >> it's the right way to encourage economic growth. to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work. >> reporter: the obama camp jumped on that comment issuing a statement saying independent economists don't agree that refusing to ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share and over taxing middle class families will promote economic growth or job creation. romney's taxes are part of an obama campaign ad which hit the gop candidate on a secretly recorded fundraiser where he
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said 47% of americans pay no income taxes and feel they are victims entitled to government help. >> mitt romney attacked 47% americans who paid no income tax. including veterans, elderly, the disabled. he won't release his tax returns before 2010. maybe before attacking others on taxes, romney should come clean on his. >> reporter: romney said ads like this distort his position. and are the reason he's trailing in battleground polls. >> they are aggressive on their attacks on a personal and policy basis. >> reporter: he says he'll set the record straight starting next week. >> he's trying to say things i believe in that i don't. >> the president and first lady will tape an appearance today on "the view" while in new york and the romney campaign says they can expect to see romney less at fundraisers and more on the campaign trail. >> susan mcginnis starting us off in washington. on that note mitt romney has suggested that president obama
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has been weak on foreign policy, making miscalculations and sending mixed messages. the president answered those charges during last night's "60 minutes" interview. >> i said i would end the war in iraq. i did. i said we would go after al qaeda. they've been decimated. that we would go after bin laden. he's gone. so i've executed on my foreign policy and it's one that the american people largely agree with. so if governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> for his part romney described how he would decide whether to send u.s. forces into combat. >> number one, a very substantial american interest at stake. number two a clear definition of our mission. number three, a clear definition of how we'll know when our mission is complete. number four, providing the resources to make sure that we can carry out that mission effectively, overwhelming resources and finally a clear understanding of what will be left after we leave.
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>> you can watch all of the "60 minutes" interviews with president obama and mitt romney online at here in new york the 67th annual session of the united nations general assembly opens today. 116 heads of state will attend. president obama hosts a reception tonight and addresses the general assembly tomorrow. the conflict in syria will top this year's agenda. at least three high level meetings are planned but no new initiatives are expected. >> overseas, militias are trying to be reined in. yesterday government troops raided several militia outposts in libya. libya's president said all militias must agree to government control or disband. back in this country, what does the future hold for secretary of state hillary clinton? she's retiring at the end of president obama's first term and some speculate she may run for president come 2016. yesterday on "face the nation," bob schieffer asked her husband what he thought.
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>> i just don't know. she's an extraordinarily able person. i never met anybody i thought was a better public servant. but i have no earthly idea what she will decide to do. >> president clinton says whatever his wife decides he's for her first, last and always. this morning firefighters in washington state are making progress against several major wildfires burning in central washington. the largest is table mountain fire has burned more than 30,000 acres. on sunday two mountain cabins run by the forest service were destroyed. about 200 homes remain under mandatory evacuation. a significant clue to the cause of breast cancer may have been found. nature the scientific journal report scientists have completed a major study of the genetics of the disease. one form of breast cancer might be treatable by drugs used to fight ovarian cancer.
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it's hoped the research will lead to more effective treatment. cbs money watch time now. a peanut butter recall at trader joe's and battle for number one at the box office. >> reporter: good morning. markets in asia were lower this morning on new concerns about a global slow down. tokyo nikkei dropped to half of a percent while the hang seng lost a quarter of a percent. a number of economic reports are due out this week. it could determine the direction of the stock market. home sales and weekly jobless claims. for the week the dow jones industrials average was down almost 14 points while the nasdaq lost four points. trader joe's is recalling peanut butter that has been linked to salmonella. specialty grocery chain removed their valencia peanut butter from their shelves. there have been 29 reports of salmonella illnesses in 18 states. most who were sickened were children. no deaths have been reported. the popular chevy volt is a big
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money loser for general motors. gm sold 13,000 volts this year making it the top selling electric car in the nation. the car sells for about $40,000. but some auto pricing websites and dealers say the brisk sales are driven by mostly steep discounts often as high as 25%. gm declined to give numbers for discounts or losses. the verizon version of the new iphone 5 has a secret feature, it's unlocked. the phone works on at&t's network as well. this is the first time that verizon iphones have been able to access at&t's network without complicated hacking features. you can switch carriers. two movies are tied for number one at the weekend box office. "end of watch," took in $13 million in ticket sales.
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"house at the end of the street" took in $13 million. "trouble with the curve" was a close second with $12.7 million. looks like some good movies. i don't like scary movies. >> really? >> no. they care me. >> scratch that off the list of things i was going to take you to. see you tomorrow. coming up next, phoney pilot. he looked the part but it was all a disguise for this italian man who tried to pass himself off as a pilot on a commercial flight. this is the morning news. a commercial flight. this is the morning news. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup
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if you think occasional irregulathink twice.ig deal, it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this. with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! ♪ activia a preliminary report is expected today on why a newborn giant panda cub born at the national zoo in washington died. the week old cub was found dead sunday, it's birth was unexpected. the mother had five failed pregnancies before giving birth. the cub seemed to be doing well. >> there were no external signs
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of trauma, no signs of clinical illness or disease nor had we seen anything that would show in the past 24 hours to indicate that anything was wrong. >> zoo officials say panda cubs are vulnerable to infection during the first weeks of life. a humorist said if you have trappings the part plays itself. an italian man thought so too. until police caught up with him. we have a report on how life can imitate art. >> reporter: you can't blame a guy for trying but passengers on a flight operated by the german carrier lufthansa didn't succeed. the man in the cockpit window is captain sirlo. he's an unemployed 32 italian with fantasies of being an airline pilot. police stopped him wearing a pilot's uniform and carrying fake i.d. cards. captain sirlo had a garage full
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of airline parra if he na la including parking permits, training manuals and uniforms, everything except real qualifications. but it was enough to get him in the cockpit on a cockpit between munich and turin. he didn't touch the controls. he told police he was mimicking the film "catch me if you can." police were tipped off a few months ago when he spoke to an aviation official who thought he was too young to be a captain. >> but maybe the name sirlo should have been a tipoff. sirlo is the aviation code for the flight corridor in turin. >> he made it in the cockpit. straight ahead your monday morning weather and in sports an nfl player's emotional performance in the face of a tragic personal loss. this is the morning news.
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here's a look at the weather. sunny in new york, 69 degrees. partly sunny skies in miami with a chance of a thunderstorm. 87 degrees. 68 in chicago. 87 degrees in dallas. clouds giving way to sun in los angeles, 82 degrees. let's check your national forecast. early morning frost is possible across parts of the interior northeast. it will be windy across the mississippi valley and great lakes. frost possible across the nation's mid-section. showers and thunderstorms will reach the great basin.
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in sports this morning, baltimore ravens torrey smith played with a heavy heart. less than 24 hours before his team played against new england, smith's younger brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. both teams observing a moment of silence before the game. smith makes a leaping catch in the end zone for a touchdown. new england leading by nine. smith scored again this time from five yards out. smith has one more big play. as time expired baltimore wins it 31-30, smith said he wasn't sure he was ready to play. >> everybody was back at the house, you know, watching and they didn't even know i was going to play until the last minute. i got to the stadium and at that time i said i would play. >> smith finished the game with six catches. for 127 yards and two touchdowns. in arizona the eagles trying
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to get some points. michael vick sacked near the goal line. ball comes out. 93 yards for the touchdown. cardinals improved 3-0 with 26-6 win over philly. wild finish between the titas and lions. lions trying to come back. but vernon slips the ball away. he goes 72 yards for a score, giving tennessee a two touchdown lead. detroit would score with 18 seconds left and final play of regulation, detroit back up quarterback puts up the hail mary, caught in the end zone by titus young, game tied at 41. overtime we go. tennessee kicked a field goal to take the lead. detroit gets a chance to tie it up. the lions come up short. titans win this one 44-41. nfl and officials union held talks sunday aimed at ending the walkout. sunday's game saw more mishaps.
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new england coach bill belichick grabbed an official. he wanted a replay of the game winning field goal that sailed up. an official threw his hat on the field causing kevin overtree to slip and fall in the end zone. when we come back, honoring television's best. we'll have a wrap of the big winners at last night's emmy. ,,,,
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>> here's a look at the weather. sunny in washington, 72 degrees. same deal in atlanta 77. partly sunny in st. louis, 72 degrees. partly sunny in denver, 81. partly sunny in seattle, 71 degrees. the big winners at last night's primetime emmy awards included a thriller, a sitcom
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and a foul mouth comedian who took home two trophies. the drama "homeland" won four awards. the series was honored as television's best drama stopping "mad men." "homeland's" damian lewis was named best actor in a drama. >> don't believe in judging art but i thought i would show up just in case. >> lewis' co-star claire danes won the award for best actress. "modern family" was awarded the best series for a third straight year. >> women in america are not finished yet. julian moore's portrayal of sarah palin won her an emmy for outstanding lead acstress in a tv movie or mini series. she mentioned the former vp candidate in a speech. >> i feel so validated because sarah palin gave me a big thumbs
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down. >> stand up comic louie seekay took home two awards. >> this is great, though. this is nice. two is weird and excessive, but happy. >> the car of crab's "two and a half men," jon cryer won for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series. he said he was shocked to win. >> i'm stunned. okay, i didn't actually win this. this just happened. >> it was jon cryer's second win but his first without his co-star charlie sheen. the lead singer is headed to rehab after an on stage meltdown. that made the crowd go crazy. billie joe armstrong got violent after his show got cut short. he smashed a guitar before leaving the stage. armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse. the crowd wanted an encore. i'm terrell brown, this is the
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at least eight battleground states are key to winning the white house in november. the candidate who gets 270 electoral votes will win the election. as jeff glor reports some say it's time to change the math and how we elect the president. >> reporter: guaranteeing who wins the national popular vote wins the white house is the goal of a democratic state senator from new jersey. >> when you hear the words electoral college you think what? >> 1776. it's outdated. >> exhibit a for him the disputed election of 2000 won by george w. bush even though al gore won half a million more votes. >> you get another situation like that, bingo, we got it. >> what he got in his home state is a law that would require new jersey to award its electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote no matter who wins the state.
4:26 am
seven other states have passed laws to do the same thing but the pact wouldn't take effect until the ranks doubles. the complaint, the candidates don't campaign in roughly 40 of our 50 states because they are not those all-important swing states visited over and over again. >> thank you so much, florida. >> hello, virginia. >> i need ohio to help me become the next president. >> we win colorado i'll get four more years. >> our founding fathers had it right. >> republican new jersey state representative says even though 62% of americans say they support replacing the electoral college with a national popular vote the current system ensures against big city domination. >> what i believe is that you'll have large urban areas like los angeles and chicago determining the outcome of the elections. >> she also considers the popular vote pack around an end run in amending the
4:27 am
constitution. >> they don't have the votes so they try to go around that by going state legislatures, join us. come with us. i think it's a cop out. >> they are saying the end justifies the means. >> yes. but i don't believe they are right. >> richard cody remains optimistic. >> you think it happens? >> i think it happens. the closer the obama/romney vote gets, that's more of a factor in deciding whether or not this gets done in four years or eight years or maybe even 12. >> george w. bush was the fourth man to become president without winning the popular vote after john quincy adams, rutherford hayes and benjamin harrison. in new york, i'm jeff glor, cbs news. >> coming up after your local news, the latest from the campaign trail with six weeks left until election day. we'll get analysis from john dickerson. plus more on the arrest of a fake pilot who tried to continue his way into the cockpit of an airplane.
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and the star from ""mike and molly"" will visit this morning. for now that will do it for the morning news for this monday. as always appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody, have a great day. iate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody, have a great day. ,,,,
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we begin with some breaking news out of a wood. it's happening on had mission. in one person has been shot.

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